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Digital Living has been founded in order to provide an accurate and tailored on-site service for computer related issues, audio/video installations and house automation.

Key factors for this kind of services are fastest intervention time, high discretion and total reliability.

We speak English, Spanish, Italian and French and proudly serve the Miami Dade Metro Area since 2009. 



We live in a highly automated and computerized society.

Personal computers have become the interface between us and the world of goods and services around us: from emails to banking, from shopping to travel, from education to homework, we use them every day.

Our computers and smart phones have become the keepers of our most private information and the custodians of the memories of our beloved in the form of pictures and videos.

PCs are complicated machines and several factors can affect their health and performance: from software threats like viruses and spyware to hardware issues like hard disk failures or damage from electrical surges.

When computers stop working we need the services of highly specialized IT technicians in order to repair them.

Our mission is to offer a service of computer assistance specialized in home service with the highest level of reliability, integrity and speed.



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